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Tiksons Agricultura is the culmination of a century-old family philosophy based on commitment, trust, and quality that endures to this day. South Africa is an integral part of our identity and we are proud to have returned the favour by etching our family ethos into our country’s culture and economy. 

We strive to be the leading supplier and distributor of fruit, vegetables and other products to our clientele both local and abroad. 

We are firm believers that profits are secured during the procurement process, which is why we always aim to source quality products for the best value. In doing so, we prioritise our clients’ businesses by granting them an immediate advantage over their competitors. 

By forming and keeping close relationships with our country’s most experienced farmers, we are granted access to the purest, freshest, and tastiest fruit and vegetables that South Africa has to offer.

Tiksons Farm.JPG

We guarantee peace-of-mind by taking care of all legal and certification requirements before the produce even leaves the farm. Your natural investment is safe in the hands of our expert handlers (and their renowned cold chain) who ensure that customs is cleared so that the shipment arrives at its destination as fresh as the day it was picked. 

We know that South African produce is famous for its fresh flavour, bright colour and natural abundance. We are committed to bringing our local bounty to the rest of the world. 

Taste the difference of South Africa’s plentiful harvest. One bite into the sweetness of a sun- ripened tomato or a crunch into a freshly picked Cape apple is enough to silence even the harshest of critics.

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